“The love of singing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. There has always been a song in my heart. I am grateful every day for the presence of God and music in my life.” –Hope Morgan

Hope’s life has been a gentle balancing act on many fronts – Her experiences have led her to her musical growth through her interactions with many Jazz giants; but her music has constantly competed with opportunities afforded her in other areas. There were many days where Hope burned the candle at both ends going from the office to the jazz club changing her clothes in public restrooms. There were also days when the pressures were too great and she tried to put the music out of her life. Her desire to be independent and self supporting along with an uncompromising commitment to quality lengthened her path to making a CD. Her passion has remained with the music but her lifeline has led her along a very long non-traditional path, full of many achievements and sacrifices.  Life moves at its own pace. Be where you are.


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